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Esmee Geerken is a Dutch artist and Earth scientist, with a main expertise in biomineralization and paleoceanography. After defending her dissertation entitled Elements in foraminiferal shells as recorders of past climates in December 2019, Geerken founded her own studio, combining Earth Science and artistic research into a hybrid practice influenced by geology, chemistry and philosophy. Her artistic work playfully questions our perception of the obvious – the curvature of the Earth, and the peculiar – how organisms build their shells.

Geerken is specifically interested in our human and non-human interactions with the four Geospheres: the Litho-, Hydro-, Atmos- and Biosphere. Which mechanisms shape and propel our forms and paths? How are knowledge and imagination entangled within the experience of our environment? Her work draws inspiration from the stories kept within materials and beings she encountered as an Earth scientist. Soils, sedimentary rocks, seagulls, windblown Saharan dust, tektites, seafloor sediments, unicellular organisms called Foraminifera and ocean currents are amongst the subjects she has worked with over the past years.

Geerken's work is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the Creative Industries Funds NL.

Insta: @esmeegeerken