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Speeding up while saying goodbye
Long distance
Running down the stairs at supersonic speed while screaming 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa' monotonously
Movement of oxygen molecule throughout the day
'Why?' 'I don't know'
Universe floating on air

The air contained in a room takes up all the available space. Although unable to resist deformation, it still is a substance that yields force. How do we perceive it's kinetics?

Usually we take they air around us for granted, until it's not there anymore. The project In Between Below Above looked into how the perception of the atmosphere is enhanced through knowledge, imagination and the senses. What is the weight of the air above our heads? How do our goodbyes and cries travel through the air? What if candles could burn up-side down?

reversed convection from Esmee Geerken on Vimeo.

An attempt to make a candle burn upside-down