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Inducing Sweetness, Inducing Pain

"Now that we're insects, we are able to hum to the plants, and as a response they create sweeter nectars. Who wants to try?"

"Let me tell you the difference between human and plant communication. Humans signal from point A to point B, without affecting the intervening tissue, much like a telephone system. While for plants, signals are designed so that all the intervening tissue is informed as quickly as possible– rather like a megaphone warning everyone within hearing distance."*

"By inflicting wounds, empathy may arise"

Performance for BAUlab BioArt meets performance at de Waag, with Jija Sohn, Szymon Adamczak and Julie Kurris

*Based on Davies, E. (2004). New functions for electrical signals in plants. New Phytologist, 161(3), 607-610.