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Esmee Geerken, born in 1985, is a Dutch Earth scientist and audiovisual artists. Her scientific interests are biomineralization and paleoceanography. During her PhD on biogeochemistry she studied how microscopic shells are formed by unicellular marine organisms and what these shells, collected from the bottom of the sea, can tell us about the climate of the past.

As these scientific encounters also lead to thoughts and ideas that cannot be expressed in academic papers, Esmee aims to merge her background in art (Rietveld academy, graduation 2010) and science in an artistic research practice. She questions how the perception of our environment is influenced by knowledge, and how imagination and experience are altered when trying to understand other entities and non-human scales, such as minerals, unicellular life, vast ocean currents and geological time.

You can contact her at for talks or collaborations.


Image courtesy of Ronald Veldhuizen